Whether you’re an international superstar or you’ve never picked up a stick before, Jokers has a team for you. All our teams play in the local, competitive leagues and all our teams love to socialize. The lower divisions are great for new and developing players, and in the upper divisions you’ll find high-level field hockey.

Our top men’s and women’s teams play in the upper divisions of the Vancouver field hockey leagues, have regular practices, and experienced coaches. A mix of local and international talent has brought a lot of success to the Jokers over the years.

If you’ve never played before we have supportive coaches and friendly teammates to help you get started. We even have loaner sticks, so you don’t need to buy any gear to give it a try.

And if you’re somewhere in between then we have teams for you too. There are opportunities to progress up through the teams, or take your foot off the gas and just enjoy playing in a lower division. Our goal is to ensure everyone finds their place and enjoys the game in Vancouver’s fun and social field hockey club.

In the off-season there is still plenty of hockey – from spring league to summer drop-in, lots of local tournaments, and even some opportunities for international travel.

High performance field hockey goalie