Our Exec

Meet the volunteers that make up our VRC Jokers Executive Committee.

Joel King: Chairperson

I'm the poster boy for the VRC Jokers! I play field hockey... sometimes. I'm on the exec... sometimes. Ladies, I like short walks on a long beach, fireball and dancing the Macarena with Ambrose. I can usually be found at the club with at least one packet of Miss Vickie's Original in hand... to share, of course!

Karen Gray: Women's Captain

I have been a Joker for six years and am currently the Women's Captain. Originally from Sydney Australia. I'm sometimes inappropriately competitive. I often wear my uniform for 24 hours after a big win. I love a big smash off a short corner. I still can’t tackle. I love beers after the game, sunny summer evenings at the club, and training drills that involve hitting the ball really hard. PM me for more info about Women’s League this season!

Adam Cronkhite: Men's Captain

As a Joker born and raised in Vancouver - a rarity amongst the club in a sea full of expats - I’ve found the biggest challenge to be trying to understand the accents of my teammates (especially when they’re a few beers deep), and relating to their obscure football (soccer) references! I’ve been involved with field hockey—as a player and a coach—for over 15 years, and am currently chasing the elusive first place division finish with the A's.

Kamran Shaikh: Member at Large

Jordan Bryan-Nugent: Board of Directors Representative

Roos Hooijenga: Secretary/Treasurer

Laura Ward: Membership Secretary

Meredith Elliott: Communications Manager

I have been a Joker since 1989. I believe everyone and their opinions are important, doubly so if they think it’s time for a beer!

Sonia Nairn: Co-Social Director

I moved to Vancouver from Ireland in 2018, and this is my second season with the Jokers. Outside of hockey I love socialising (including too much wine at the rowing club!), travelling and exploring BC, skiing in the winter, and hiking in the summer.

Allanah Bayliss: Co-Social Director